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Laser Torch Flip Up Diffuser Lens

  Flip down when using/up when not                                             Turns spotlight into a floodlight for great walking light on Laser Pro     Takes dark spot out of color on Color PLUS                                             12.00                                                
Laser Torch Bag
  • Made to carry your Laser Torch Light
  • Plenty of room for your garmin and other  hunting supplies
  • $16.00
David and Gwen Morgan                 
1510 CR 4090                           
                                      Bon Wier, Texas   75928                                 409-423-4492 409-423-2661                                email: realmcoy00@aol.com              
          P S Olt
      Coon Squaller

  • To place an order give us a call.

  • 409-423-4492      David or Gwen
Laser Pro Charger   30.00
Laser Torch II/Youth Light Charger   25.00

​                 409-423-2661
Ask us about our refurbished & used lights
The cap light for your coonhunting, fishing, farming, frog gigging, and predator hunting needs.  Great all around lights.

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         Ask about our refurbished and                               used lights

     PS Olt Game Calls

          Goose Call
          Deer Bleat
Speckled Belly Goose Call
         Fox/Coyote Call
         Coon Squaller

           $ 28.00 ea